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About the sleep Luxury Mattress Store

Get to know your sleep. luxury mattress store proprietors

sleep store owners Barrie Brown and Bonnie Brown

Barrie & Bonnie Brown
Owners & Proprietors

The foundations of our service

Ongoing connection

At sleep, we are committed to a continuing relationship with our clients long after you invest in your exceptional bed.

Sharing expertise

We have decades of mattress and sleep expertise, which we are thrilled to share with you. Only by being completely, patiently informed can you make the right choice.

Only the absolute finest

We carry only the very finest mattresses, bedding, furniture and accessories. We believe you can buy a mattress anywhere, but you can change the quality of your sleep only with the very best.

Personalized journey

You are an exceptional client with personal circumstance and interest. So we will provide you a personal journey through the process of learning, choosing, purchase, installation and ownership of your exceptional products.

Continual training

The field of sleep – and the nuances of the products we carry – are continually changing and gaining insight. We are dedicated to ongoing training and learning so we always bring you the latest knowledge.

Zero pressure

Your investment in your sleep has the power to improve your life, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be with you as you explore, purchase and experience the very best sleep of your life – on your terms.

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