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Don’t Just Go to Bed Tonight. Sleep.

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Barrie Brown

When you're ready to truly sleep - come see us in Silicon Valley's Santana Row.

You have more choices than ever to buy your next mattress – from a wide range of online “bed-in-a-box” mattress sellers to national, regional and local chains and retailers that sell all kinds of beds, all with a variety of materials assembled by the latest and greatest latex-pouring drums and complex bed-making machines.

At the sleep. Luxury Bed store in Silicon Valley’s Santana Row, we carry only the very finest selection of handmade beds from the most meticulous bed craftsmen in the world. All our beds, and all the bedding, bedroom furniture and accessories we carry are created using natural, responsibly-sourced, organic materials.

Our Vispring beds are so incredibly crafted they come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Similarly, all Hästens beds are backed by an incredible 25-year warranty. These handmade beds are built to last decades – not just years. These exceptional luxury mattresses are crafted to help your mind, body and soul REST and RESTORE every night – so you’re no longer just “going to bed.”

Visit us at the sleep. Luxury Bed store – and truly sleep.

Expect "different" when you visit the sleep. Luxury Bed store.

When you come in to the sleep luxury bed store in Silicon Valley’s Santana Row, you’re going to have a dramatically different experience than any other “mattress store” you’ve visited. We’ll take the time to get to know you – we’ll understand your sleep habits, your preferences for natural materials, your comfort points – and we’ll help you choose one of the finest handmade beds on Earth to transform your nights from “going to bed” to “sleeping.”

Little things make a difference at the sleep. Luxury Bed Store.

At the sleep. Luxury Bed store in Silicon Valley’s Santana Row, we know the little things can make a huge difference in everything we do in life. So when we’re working with a client, we pay attention to the smallest details – knowing full well that those details combine to make a difference between “going to bed” at night and getting the sleep your mind, body and spirit need to be renewed every morning when you awaken.

Mattress Inner Springs, the Vispring Way.

Discover the unique and powerful care Vispring takes in wrapping each and every coil in their unmatched handmade mattresses with natural material to create an exquisite sleeping surface that supports your entire body effortlessly as you move throughout the night.

Cotton. Strong, durable and soft.

Cotton makes an ideal fabric to cover a handmade luxury mattress thanks to it’s strength, durability and soft feel for comfort. Plus, the breathability of the cotton allows the mattress to breathe throughout the night, and to move freely beneath you as you move while you sleep.

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