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Dr. Neil Stanley Sleep Consultation

free sleep consultation with dr neil stanley

Dr. Neil Stanley’s Professional Memberships:

  • European Sleep Research Society
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • British Sleep Society
    Chairman 2000-2004
    Committee member 1998-2000
  • World Sleep Society
  • European Society of Sleep Technologists

Free Sleep Consultation with Dr. Neil Stanley, International Sleep Expert

Thanks to their personal relationship, Barrie Brown’s friend Dr.Neil Stanley has graciously offered to provide a limited number of free, no-obligation sleep consultations with people who are considering the step up to one of the extraordinary handcrafted, sustainably sourced beds curated at the sleep. Luxury Bed stores in Santana Row and in Livermore.

Dr. Stanley’s expertise and guidance will cover a wide range of touch points specific to your personal sleep habits and needs – from the environment of your bedroom to your sleep routine, from your body specifics to your pain points and sleep challenges. His guidance will also include structure for choosing mattresses and beds that best suit your personal lifestyle and sleep profile, while remaining agnostic regarding specific beds to consider. This service is solely to help yo gain far greater understanding of optimal sleep and factors that may contribute to getting the most restful, rejuvenating sleep of your life.

You can then choose to work with the experts at the sleep. Luxury Bed stores to match a bed from Hästens, Harrison Spinks or Vispring to those needs if that’s the right path for you.

Your sleep consultation with Dr. Neil Stanley is completely free, and you have no obligation to purchase from the sleep. Luxury Bed stores. Dr. Stanley may, or may not, recommend brands or models, based solely on his extensive & recognized authority as a sleep expert coupled with his knowledge of the mattress industry – expertise that is matched by perhaps only one other professional: sleep. store proprietor Barrie Brown.

To get started, complete the form below and connect with Barrie, who will facilitate your connection with Dr. Stanley to schedule your consultation. Please note that Dr. Stanley resides in the United Kingdom, so there will be some timezone accommodation when coordinating your conversation.

Please note: Dr. Stanley is not a medical doctor (MD). This consultation is not intended to diagnose or address medical issues that may be impacting your sleep. Dr. Stanley received his PhD from the University of Surrey in 2004 on the basis of his published works.

Your sleep consultation with renowned Dr. Stanley will be based on his research, experience,  reading of the relevant scientific and popular literature on the subject, a life-long interest in the subject of sleep, and finally plain and simple common sense. The advice given is in no way intended to replace medical opinion and it must be stressed that if you are in any way concerned about your sleep, your child’s sleep or your partner’s sleep, then go and see your G.P.

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