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Mattress Toppers

Let’s Talk About Mattress Toppers

To get the most out of your premium, handcrafted luxury bed, nothing beats a luxurious mattress topper – and we have the very best mattress toppers in the entire world to choose from, including toppers from Hästens and Vispring.

Hästens Mattress Toppers: Adding Comfort and Longevity to Your Bed

Hästens uses only the highest quality ethically harvested horsehair in their mattress toppers. In addition, Hästens has its horsehair tested by a number of independent European research institutes to assure our toppers are completely free from allergens. Horsehair is an organic material, which means it has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mite properties. Consequently you will sleep in a healthy, hygienic sleeping environment.

Hästens Mattress Topper: Superior Sleep Comfort

One night is all it takes to appreciate the feeling of a Hästens Mattress Topper. You will immediately notice the comfort and softness that your Hästens mattress topper adds to your bed. Hästens produce mattress moppers in a wide range sizes, layering combinations and also colors. In order to maintain maximum comfort, Hästens recommends changing your top mattress every five to seven years. Additionally we would recommend you always use a cotton mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and fresh. At the sleep Luxury Bed store, we carry a selection of mattress protectors that you can buy in store or order online.

Hästens Provides 3 Mattress Topper Models to Choose From:

  • BJX Luxury Mattress Topper – Filled with the highest quality horsetail hair and several layers of cotton and wool that takes springiness to a new dimension (height: 5cm)
  • BJX Mattress Topper – Filled with high quality horsetail hair and several layers of cotton and wool for extra comfort and ventilation (height: 5cm)
  • BJ Mattress Topper – Filled with horsetail hair, cotton, wool. and a thick cotton core that is soft and supple (height: 5cm)

All models use materials that breathe so you will sleep in a dry environment and at the right temperature.

Your Hästens Mattress Topper (Top Mattress) is essential for a more hygienic, fresh and healthy sleep.

  • Hästens Mattress Toppers are handcrafted in Sweden
  • Hästens use only the finest Natural Materials (horsehair, cotton and wool)
  • Natural materials breathe and therefore will help regulate your body temperature
  • In addition it will help keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer
  • A Mattress Topper will improve your comfort
  • A mattress topper will protect your mattress and bed from soils and spillages
  • This plays an integral part of the whole Hästens sleep experience
  • The Hästens Mattress Topper  was invented in the early 1900’s
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