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Pillow Bar Dr. Mary Side Sleeper™ Down Filled Pillow

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The VERY BEST down filled side sleeper pillow in the world developed by Physicians with you in mind.

This side sleeper pillow is custom, hand made for your unique height and corresponding shoulder size, age and sleep style. Benefit from side sleeping without waking with neck pain and your fingers falling asleep. This unique side sleeper pillow helps keep your head aligned with your spine and your blood flowing all night long. Filled with 100% pure down (no feathers) you’ll experience extreme comfort with the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper™ Down Filled Pillow.

Complimentary custom embroidered with your unique message, name or monogram so no one else will drool on your luxurious pillow. The Dr. Mary Side Sleeper™ Down Filled Pillow dimensions are 13.75 ” wide by 45″ total length.



Designed for the dedicated side sleeper. Find out why The Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune and even Whoopi Goldberg chose this pillow as “The Best”!

Includes 300 thread count cotton sateen zippered and washable protector and an aromatic french lavender sachet (removable). Custom cases available in 4 colors. Experience the world’s most exquisite side sleeper pillow.

All of The Pillow Bar down products are Made in the USA and “RSD” rated. Responsibly sourced down, cleaned with BlueSign® technology without any chemicals to harm you or the earth.

1 review for Pillow Bar Dr. Mary Side Sleeper™ Down Filled Pillow

  1. Bill Quell

    As a lifelong side sleeper, I was constantly scrunching and bunching pillows to try to get the perfect fit…every night was a wrestling match between me and the pillow I smashed under my head and the one I bunched up to hug in front of me…but it was a wrestling match that went on all night long.

    Finally, I found the Dr. Mary pillow – and my nights have been transformed! The pillow tucks perfectly under my head and neck, plus gives my “top” arm a place to comfortably rest.

    Bottom line: I couldn’t be happier with my Pillow Bar Dr. Mary pillow. I love it.

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