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Pillow Bar Petite 16″x20″ Down Sleeping-Travel Pillow


All of our hand made pillows are custom crafted to match your individual sleep style and physical size. Our Petite pillow measures 16″x20″and is the perfect fit for children, adults and compact enough to take on your travels. Down filled luxury will work wonders to keep your head in line with your spine while craddling you in luxury every night.

Includes a 300 thread count washable cotton sateen protector with custom embroidery as well as an aromatic French lavender sachet (removable).



Three colors of pillow cases are available: White in 300 thread count sateen, Linen Beige in 400 thread count sateen, and Flint in 400 thread count sateen.

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White 300 TC Sateen, Linen Beige 400 TC Sateen, Flint 400 TC Sateen


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