sleep luxury bed showroom in Santana Row

Relief Bed Donation Program

When you purchase a qualifying mattress from sleep in Santana Row, we will donate a Relief Bed to someone in need across the United States and around the world.

That means you’ll get one of the world’s best mattresses, and you’ll be helping someone in need get a better night’s sleep, too.

The Relief Bed Story

Relief Bed® provides innovative, strategically built beds for impoverished people in emerging countries, disaster victims, aid workers, and the homeless in North America.

Why beds?

Sleep is essential:
Sleep is the #3 biological need to sustain life, right behind water and food. Proper sleep is critical to a thriving life, no matter your country, creed or circumstance.

Beds are needed:
Mattresses are the #1 requested item by personnel working in the field. Many organizations provide goods and services, but quality beds are often an afterthought.

Good sleep = good health:
It’s simple: sleep better, function better. We believe that improving sleep health in developing countries can help break the poverty cycle.

To learn more about the Relief Beds and their mission, visit them online:


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