sleep luxury bed showroom in Santana Row

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Mattress Knowledge Video Library

Enjoy in-depth informational videos and reviews of Vispring and Hästens beds.

Hästens mattress – horsetail wicking power demonstration from sleep. in Santana Row.

Hästens mattresses feature the exceptional natural wicking power of horsetail – keeping you dry and comfortable night after night by pulling the moisture from your body while you sleep.

Hästens Bed Talks

Discover why the right bed benefits your entire body in this 10-video short film series from Hästens about why they construct their premium-quality beds the way they do, and how their extraordinary beds build the foundation for a high-quality life.

Hästens 2000T Review

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Hästens 2000T ultra-luxury natural mattress.

Vispring Signatory Superb Review

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Vispring Signatory Superb ultra-luxury natural mattress.


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